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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We thank you!

We sincerely thank EVERYONE who have helped us promote our own "Savita Bhabhi"! We can't be indebted for the wonderful articles/coverage our friends in the media have come up with. And freedom for all!
Let's just not stop here. If you like us and our luscious "Savita Bhabhi," do spread the message around?

(PS: Don't forget to check us out live. For a start, tonight at 'Daddy's WindSong Wednesdays' - gig dates are posted RIGHT here -->)
(PS2: Don't forget to send in your reviews/comments/amor/criticism. We love to be appreciated!)


pratik said...

Sooper job. Loved it and the word is being spread through twitter and e-mails.

Aur JD when performing in Delhi ???

jd said...

soon...insha allah :)
you'll know for sure!
thanks for the appreciation!