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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gracias, albeit with a disclaimer

We are astounded by the response to our single! Almost every single reaction has been positive. We are absolutely honored!

Here are a couple of extremely amorous, kind responses. We'd like to say 'Thank you!'
"... Savita Bhabhi is one hell of a song. Shor Bazaar's Savita Bhabhi does not not sound like any of that synthesized shit we started to hear post-90s. They sound like one of them - the elite league. The music from the era when dope was cheap and the sex was free. And THAT alone is enough for me." - Athiran

"The musical maestros of Shor Bazar, have given the followers of Savita Bhabhi, their very own anthem. The lyrics are cheeky and chock-full of sexual innuendos, coupled with some great guitar play and arrangements."
We've been covered in almost every form of media.
We, and our song, have been doing the rounds on various platform of internet discussion (Twitter, FaceBook etc.). We have had people like Pritish Nandy offering support, albeit vicariously, on such forums. We thank all of them too.

However, we are acutely aware of the possibility of misinterpretation of the song and its message. Especially, vis-a-vis newspaper articles, where our words, after extensive pruning, could transform into vicious political statements.

We would like to clarify one thing - we are not here to promote pornography. Instead, we believe in letting the masses decide what's appropriate for them - freedom in art and various ways of expression.

Please support us in this honest, humble venture.

(Our disclaimer is put up on our blog (*right-sided bar) and FB pages. We do COME in peace!)


owilde said...

Amazing song! Can't stop humming it.

The Doc said...

Owilde: Thank you! Much appreciated here!

(Please spread the message around! The more fans, the merrier!)