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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MyBand MyMusic event @ Hyderabad - 26th of September


Adam Gilchrist calls us and says he needs someone to infuse some energy into the likes of RP Singh and Rohit Sharma (vis-à-vis the Champion's League). Needless to say we agreed.

Umm, we wish!

The real story is like this. 8 of the top bands from the country. MyBand MyMusic event. 26th of September (this Saturday). 6 hours of non-stop music. Last time we checked, the Nizams are going to dance with us. Well, let's see.

As a part of this, we are going to be on TV, radio, and the papers. The gig will be telecast live on a Music television channel as well! So, are YOU gonna go our way?

You better!


Saturday, September 26, 2009
5:00pm - 11:55pm
Rock Heights
Hyderabad, India

Price: Rs. 100/-

(Tickets available at select Cafe Coffee Day outlets in the city.)

More details at

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We aren't I-Rocking XXIV

Shor Bazaar regrets to announce that we will not be participating in I-Rock XXIV. We were very much looking forward to performing there, but due to reasons beyond our control, this has become impossible.

Our next scheduled gig is the MyBand MyMusic event at Hyderabad on 26th of September. Don't miss it!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Deccan Chronicle story on the upcoming 'Savita Bhabhi' video

Today, Deccan Chronicle published a story about our single "Savita Bhabhi" and its upcoming music video directed by Varun Agarwal from Last Minute Films. You might want to read this. Plus, it's got that fantastic photo of us posing in marching band costume. Aren't we all excited about this now?

Read on, here, if you are lazy!
Tribute video for Savita Bhabhi

September 1st, 2009
By Our Correspondent

Remember Savita Bhabhi? Yes, she’s the same bhabhi who was India’s first online toon porn figure who was recently banned by the Indian Government. The desi cartoon porn series is now an inspiration for a tribute video made by Bengaluru boy and filmmaker Varun Agarwal and Mumbai-based music band Shor Bazaar. Says Varun, “When I was in Mumbai, I saw the whole Savita Bhabhi mania. The office boys would watch it and she was a cult figure there. Jayajit Dash (front man of Shor Bazaar) and I met up. I proposed the idea of creating a song about Savita Bhabhi and we decided to make a one-off video.” While the government has banned the porn series, Varun insists that their video does not promote the porn figure. “We have not used even a single image of Savita Bhabhi. The video is just a fun take on something popular,” he says.

After Shor Bazaar created a song dedicated to Savita Bhabhi, they found out that the website would be banned by the government. There were protests by bloggers and by people on Facebook and Twitter, says Varun, adding, “It’s amusing how the government decided to ban this one site when there are tons of other porn sites that are easily accessible.”

So would they have used Savita Bhabhi’s images in the video if she wasn’t banned? “No, we still wouldn’t have used it ‘coz we aren’t promoting porn or her,” says Varun, referring to the video which shows a guy who can’t find a job during recession and also has a tough time finding a girlfriend. “He suddenly comes across Savita Bhabhi and his life becomes rosy as he gets whatever he wants from her,” reveals Varun.

While the unique video will be out by the end of this week, Varun says that they won’t be able to get it on air ‘coz of the ban on Savita Bhabhi. “But we will release it on the Internet where we will surely get a lot of responses,” says the young filmmaker who feels that there’s more to Savita Bhabhi than just being a porn figure.

Here’s to some ‘clean’ fun!
(Courtesy Deccan Chronicle)