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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

...get your freak on!

Venue: The Garden of Five Senses, Said-ul-Azaib, Off Mehrauli Badarpur Road, Right turn from PVR Saket Road.

Its ok if you dont know where this is....neither do we. Hope this will help. Please come.

And vote in: RCL B6 followed by your name to 54646. Yup...its B6 now...and not B2....if you have already voted in B2...Crime Master GoGo will haunt your dreams forever. To avoid this vote RCL B6 5 times every hour until your girlphrend/boyphrend finds out.

Hope we win!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

West Zone cha zaala!

WE did goof up. WE did our best to give others a chance. And WE did a very good job out of it. WE are proud of ourselves. WE (Shor Bazaar, Talaash & Yeshua; winners of the RC Live West Zone finals) [yes, this was the order!] the Mumbai-wallah bands are going to rock Delhi. We, Shor Bazaar, are proud of US (West Zone winners) and are honored to be kicking asses from all over the country at the capitol city Dilli!

And we're proud of the fact that our guitarists' Dad made us proud by winning the toughest competition organized by the Radio City RJ!

On a more self indulgent note, we didn't play as well as we could. We hope to do better and be more professional on Thursday at the national finals.

For those who tried to cheer for us... come on guys! A bunch of protestants could do better!

And for those who felt that we didn't deserve to win it and somebody else should have won it, we'd like to state that we also felt that. Uh well, at least the second part of the sentence. Them as well, we mean!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

RC Live! and shameless self promotion

Shor Bazaar RC Live ke regional phinal main pahunch gaya hai!!


Finals on the 23rd of Feb at Rangsharda, Bandra. We are currently scouting around for cheerleaders....if interested...please tape yourself doing something really stupid and upload it on youtube, and send in a mail with your name and number.

Remember....the stupidity levels will be compared to Shor Bazaar's collective stupidity. So the bar is set quite high. Naivete as an added quality would really clinch it. This looks like a great starting point.

Whoops....almost vote in for us by sending "RCL B2" (...without the quotes....but with the space between RCL and B2) followed by your name to 54646.

Every person voting in will get a Pan Pasand from Shor Bazaar once we get rich and famous.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Shor Do Aanchal......Zamana Kya Kahega?

Shor Bazaar is a five-member band formed in September 2007 in Bombay. We specialize in wasting our time trying to make money through music. Till date our earnings total zero.

Influences...(a.k.a. agar hum Bollywood main hote toh hum inse "inspired" hote..)

Kishore Kumar, R. D. Burman, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Incubus, Junoon and Lucky Ali.

We are....

JD (Jayajit) (singer/songwriter/harmonica) Hothead (...not to be confused with hotbed). Radical Dreamer. Yeh hamaare lead-singer-ji hain. Loves playing his guitar without a pick (...not to be confused with prick).

(rhythm/lead guitar/keyboard/backing vocals) Lazy. Lazy. Lazy. Lazy. Darn good on the acoustic though. Loves weird chords.

Joy (lead guitar/backing vocals) Wastes too much time researching music equipment and software. Got good pedals :) Loves big fat guitar tones.

KK (Krishna) (bass guitar/backing vocals) Mr. Harmonizer. Would give some of the Eventides a good run for their money. Also Mr. Suspended Chords. Hates one note bass. Loves anything acoustic.

Sumit (drums/percussion/backing vocals) Mad Professor. Also Lazy. Loves Thom Yorke and his Sony MDR7506 cans.

Thats all the boredom we have for you today.

Aaplya patience ani wela sathi dhanyawaad.

P.S. We have a lot of gear. Anyone interested in being a roadie...please do mail in. If you are lucky, you may be treated to a bowl of manchow soup at Classic Chinese for all your efforts.

P.S.2. Yes, we are ugly (....hmm...all except JD of course) and have no money....but if you are still interested in being a groupie...ugh...who am I kidding?!?!