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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daddy's WindSong Wednesday's on 25th Feb, 2009

From Shor Gig
When we started sound-checking at the wonderful il terrazzo at Juhu Chowpatty with the backdrop of the crimson sunset, we could feel the incredible vibe seeping through us – the vibe of something outlandish and unforgettable. It seemed rather selfish to not let the feeling disseminate to the elite audience which would turn up to watch us perform. It is unusual for us to be performing in front of a sensitively fashionable crowd and we did try to do something about ourselves to raise our own style quotient.

Judging by the response that we had, we presume all our efforts did not go in vain. We received bountiful impassioned cheering from most of the present audience even when the night was young. This is astonishing despite the lyrics finding themselves sinking in a boomy-sound-swamp not too dissimilar to the ones found near the infamous Bates motel. The guy at the console must have found it hard to understand what hit him, and since it didn’t kill him, it must have made him stronger. It sure did so for us. Here are some photos.

We got a lot of wonderful comments and constructive criticism about our performance from the enthusiastic crowd assembled by Daddyji and the PR team. We are proud to have been featured in front of an array of brilliant musicians and knowledgeable folk from the entertainment industry. Although it might sound redundant to those who have read our earlier post about our little gig three weeks back, we won’t hesitate to mention that such a platform is indeed rare to find in India.

Smitten by the limelight perhaps we might be, but we won’t forget to mention the terrific performances by three artists who played before and after us. Alisha Pais and Fay Barretto opened for us with a charming set of songs. Shibani Kashyap followed us up with a preview of next Wednesday’s gig. The one-man-jam Ricoloop wound up the show with the most incredible live solo performance we had ever witnessed!

We would like to thank Daddy (Sameer Malhotra) once again for providing this brilliant outlet for original music in Mumbai. We also thank our friends (all of you, I can’t name you all!) who made it to the gig despite it being in the middle of the week. We also thank the documentary team of Human Mirror Project who came in and interviewed us on tape. That’s a first for us! We’d love to hear from all of you about the gig – here, FaceBook, MySpace, Orkut or maybe even by SMS!

)))) SHOR ((((

(PS: We have had phone calls about people turning up and finding that they were not on the guest list. We are sorry to have not clarified that there was an entry charge to the event. We regret the confusion caused.)

A quick blurb at the end of a rather unusually busy week...

We had one hell of an awesome time at Daddys Windsong this wednesday...a detailed blow by blow account of the gig should be up by Monday the 2nd of March...for now we would like to remind you all that we are off to Nagpur for the weekend...hope the gig there is as wild as the one at Daddys this wednesday.

A HUGE ROAR OF APPLAUSE for all the guys who turned up for the gig on Wednesday. Thank You!! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Radio Interview - RJ Malini Radio ONE 94.3 FM tonite!

UPDATE - 4 AM, 25th February, 2009

These are the three songs from the unplugged session! Tell us what you think about them!

Shor Bazaar will be featured on RJ Malini's show on Radio One 94.3 FM at 9.30 pm on the 24th of February, 2009. Tune in to catch an interview and a few acoustic versions of our songs!

Facebook event page.

The 'Juhu ka Jugaad' Gig - Wed 25th of Feb, 2009

The 'winter' is a thing of the past and the sweltering days may tiring you down. Like always, Shor Bazaar, your Friendly Neigbhorhood Rock Band (FNRB), will be the there to save the day - or in this case, the night!

You might remember that we were smitten by the experiences at the 4th of February acoustic performance at Daddy's WindSong Wedensdays. The effects for either parties have been elucidated in an earlier post. Tomorrow, that is Wednesday the 25th of February 2009, we are performing as the featured act at the same venue. This gig will henceforth be referred to as the 'Juhu Ka Jugaad' gig, a tag line created by our resourcefulness asset JOYdeep Dasgupta. He has even made a wonderful poster for this.

The details are as follows.
Venue: il Terrazzo bar atop del Italia, right next to Mocha at Juhu Chowpatty
Time: 9 pm onwards
Entry Fee: Rs 500/- per head - the proceeds go to the the poverty stricken musicians who are performing there. It's a charitable cause, really!
The Deal: Great music, great liquor and great food with a wonderful crowd to hang out with. Ooh and, we are playing there too!

Check out Facebook (page 1, page 2), Orkut and Myspace pages for event details!

Here are some quotes about our gig! Both are from the Daddy* himself.
"I have yet to come across a band with sooo much talent, chutzpah and lyrical harmony standing at the cliff of destiny, ready to fly!!! The buzzzzzzzz is only growing, boys! Get ready to glow with the flow!!!! Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!!!!"

"If you had one night... one night only... to watch a band on the cusp of achieving super-stardom, then come and wintness 'SHOR BAZAAR' hit the high notes on the 25th of Feb at 'Daddy's WindSong Wednesdays', Il Terrazzo bar, atop del Italia... Galli Galli main shor hai, SHOR BAZAAR ka shor hai!"

"If there is a trigger-moment in every famous band's lifetime that catapults them to instant fame and recognition, then that moment cometh tomorrow night!!! These guys are ripe for the picking so get the wax outta your ears and let the shor begin.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
(* We didn't use any forceful measures or money to extract such nice comments about us!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facebook artist page & upcoming gigs

We apologize for being reticent because of multifarious, questionable reasons. But change is welcome, as always. In an effort to change things around, you can showcase the unbridled affection that was thrown at us at the gigs that we have played at our FaceBook artist page. Click here and be our fan. We need our TLC too!

And by the way, for those of us who have had withdrawal symptoms because of the above mentioned reticence, we have some Colombian Shor-ijuana coming up. Catch us LIVE at
  • Daddy's WindSong Wednesdays (Il Terrazzo, Del Italia, Juhu Chowpatty) on the 25th of Feb, 2009
  • AAROHI '09 at VNIT Nagpur on the 28th of Feb, 2009

Happy toking! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Daddy's WindSong Wednesdays experience

A couple of weeks back, during one of the musical social events in the 'burbs, we ran into to a friend, an uber-talented individual (that's the easy way to put it - to find out more, check him out with the links given below) who was playing with his rather sprightly band called Ankur Tewari and the Ghalat family. We were a tad late (vide infra) and had missed his performance.

Later on in the evening, we were catching up and talking about gigs amongst other things, he mentioned about the upcoming gig at this new destination of live music - the Il Terrazzo Bar del Italia - right at the Juhu Chowpatty. Ankur's band were playing there and he invited us over to jam with him and his band.

We took that offer up - we didn't want to miss the band another time, with a little bit of indecision I admit, and found ourselves walking up the wooden steps at the venue sans two of our members, sadly due to other commitments. A three piece Shor Bazaar (JD, Rob and yours truly)) would be like the real thing without the zing, or so we thought. It feels nice to have been proven wrong so decisively, especially so by a wonderful and zestful audience!

We opened for Ankur's band with a three song set. The crowd went yowling and yapping and we were left wondering if they were enamored by us or were simply under the influence. After the set, we were thrilled and honored to see people come up and say so many kind, wonderful things about us and our music. It felt really good playing to a discerning, intelligent audience, appreciative of original music.

They were big-hearted enough, and of course with all the ethanol acting as a supreme neural lubricant, to demand an encore peformance and we found ourselves on the stage for the second time in the eveing, after Ankur & the Ghalat Family and Sridhar/Thayil - the lyrical/jazz duo of musician from Bangalore, winded up their sets. We managed to pull off another self-perceived scrawny set of three songs which were received with even louder cries of bewilderment and unhindered fervor. Believe me, it felt good and we did have a lot of fun.

We take this opportunity to thank
  • The artists that we got to perform with

  • Daddy (Sameer Malhotra) from Daddy's WindSong Wednesdays (he's really not that old!) - for bringing up one of the most promising destinations for original, live music in the city
  • Il Terrazzo Bar del Italia - a wonderful destination for fans of Juhu Chowpatty
  • Daddy and Gaurav Kapoor for the wonderful introductions and wisecracks
  • The wonderful crowd who were appreciative and kind to howl and roar for us and the other bands and made us feel special.
And to two of us who lost out on this remarkable experience – Sumit and Joy, we missed you!