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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Daddy's WindSong Wednesdays experience

A couple of weeks back, during one of the musical social events in the 'burbs, we ran into to a friend, an uber-talented individual (that's the easy way to put it - to find out more, check him out with the links given below) who was playing with his rather sprightly band called Ankur Tewari and the Ghalat family. We were a tad late (vide infra) and had missed his performance.

Later on in the evening, we were catching up and talking about gigs amongst other things, he mentioned about the upcoming gig at this new destination of live music - the Il Terrazzo Bar del Italia - right at the Juhu Chowpatty. Ankur's band were playing there and he invited us over to jam with him and his band.

We took that offer up - we didn't want to miss the band another time, with a little bit of indecision I admit, and found ourselves walking up the wooden steps at the venue sans two of our members, sadly due to other commitments. A three piece Shor Bazaar (JD, Rob and yours truly)) would be like the real thing without the zing, or so we thought. It feels nice to have been proven wrong so decisively, especially so by a wonderful and zestful audience!

We opened for Ankur's band with a three song set. The crowd went yowling and yapping and we were left wondering if they were enamored by us or were simply under the influence. After the set, we were thrilled and honored to see people come up and say so many kind, wonderful things about us and our music. It felt really good playing to a discerning, intelligent audience, appreciative of original music.

They were big-hearted enough, and of course with all the ethanol acting as a supreme neural lubricant, to demand an encore peformance and we found ourselves on the stage for the second time in the eveing, after Ankur & the Ghalat Family and Sridhar/Thayil - the lyrical/jazz duo of musician from Bangalore, winded up their sets. We managed to pull off another self-perceived scrawny set of three songs which were received with even louder cries of bewilderment and unhindered fervor. Believe me, it felt good and we did have a lot of fun.

We take this opportunity to thank
  • The artists that we got to perform with

  • Daddy (Sameer Malhotra) from Daddy's WindSong Wednesdays (he's really not that old!) - for bringing up one of the most promising destinations for original, live music in the city
  • Il Terrazzo Bar del Italia - a wonderful destination for fans of Juhu Chowpatty
  • Daddy and Gaurav Kapoor for the wonderful introductions and wisecracks
  • The wonderful crowd who were appreciative and kind to howl and roar for us and the other bands and made us feel special.
And to two of us who lost out on this remarkable experience – Sumit and Joy, we missed you!


Razz said...

I am really looking forward to you guys playing at Il Terrazzo, soon

The Doc said...

Guess what! We too are!


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