The Shor Bazaar Blog

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MySpace page

Apparently, this blog is not being received well by the fans. It is seen as an unprofessional way of reaching out to fans. A few people think that we shouldn't be having a blog. For the reasons stated above, we have decided to do a MySpace page (without which no credible band could exist apparently). Here's the link to the Shor Bazaar MySpace page.It's been up for 2 days. Go check it out and give us feed back. Either here or there.

(PS: I would prefer here! Quite frankly, I don't like Myspace. It is too complicated. And too slow!)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sorry; something bigger coming up!

Yes, we had promised to upload some of our recordings online for your pleasure. But technological nightmares plagued our little endeavour. The feared 'Dark Blue Screen' adored our computer screens for about a week or so and that set us back. For honesty sake, we have taken a photo of the blue screen when it happened and have presented it.

The dulling experience of the Chennai test and a movie called 'One, Two, Three' also seem to have affected us by blunting our intelligence thereby, strangling the creative process.

Anyway, something bigger is brewing and we'll be telling ya'll about it soon. We have just managed to record one acoustic track and that might be uploaded soon as well.

Till then, sorry guys!