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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daddy's WindSong Wednesday's on 25th Feb, 2009

From Shor Gig
When we started sound-checking at the wonderful il terrazzo at Juhu Chowpatty with the backdrop of the crimson sunset, we could feel the incredible vibe seeping through us – the vibe of something outlandish and unforgettable. It seemed rather selfish to not let the feeling disseminate to the elite audience which would turn up to watch us perform. It is unusual for us to be performing in front of a sensitively fashionable crowd and we did try to do something about ourselves to raise our own style quotient.

Judging by the response that we had, we presume all our efforts did not go in vain. We received bountiful impassioned cheering from most of the present audience even when the night was young. This is astonishing despite the lyrics finding themselves sinking in a boomy-sound-swamp not too dissimilar to the ones found near the infamous Bates motel. The guy at the console must have found it hard to understand what hit him, and since it didn’t kill him, it must have made him stronger. It sure did so for us. Here are some photos.

We got a lot of wonderful comments and constructive criticism about our performance from the enthusiastic crowd assembled by Daddyji and the PR team. We are proud to have been featured in front of an array of brilliant musicians and knowledgeable folk from the entertainment industry. Although it might sound redundant to those who have read our earlier post about our little gig three weeks back, we won’t hesitate to mention that such a platform is indeed rare to find in India.

Smitten by the limelight perhaps we might be, but we won’t forget to mention the terrific performances by three artists who played before and after us. Alisha Pais and Fay Barretto opened for us with a charming set of songs. Shibani Kashyap followed us up with a preview of next Wednesday’s gig. The one-man-jam Ricoloop wound up the show with the most incredible live solo performance we had ever witnessed!

We would like to thank Daddy (Sameer Malhotra) once again for providing this brilliant outlet for original music in Mumbai. We also thank our friends (all of you, I can’t name you all!) who made it to the gig despite it being in the middle of the week. We also thank the documentary team of Human Mirror Project who came in and interviewed us on tape. That’s a first for us! We’d love to hear from all of you about the gig – here, FaceBook, MySpace, Orkut or maybe even by SMS!

)))) SHOR ((((

(PS: We have had phone calls about people turning up and finding that they were not on the guest list. We are sorry to have not clarified that there was an entry charge to the event. We regret the confusion caused.)

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