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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MyBand MyMusic event @ Hyderabad - 26th of September


Adam Gilchrist calls us and says he needs someone to infuse some energy into the likes of RP Singh and Rohit Sharma (vis-à-vis the Champion's League). Needless to say we agreed.

Umm, we wish!

The real story is like this. 8 of the top bands from the country. MyBand MyMusic event. 26th of September (this Saturday). 6 hours of non-stop music. Last time we checked, the Nizams are going to dance with us. Well, let's see.

As a part of this, we are going to be on TV, radio, and the papers. The gig will be telecast live on a Music television channel as well! So, are YOU gonna go our way?

You better!


Saturday, September 26, 2009
5:00pm - 11:55pm
Rock Heights
Hyderabad, India

Price: Rs. 100/-

(Tickets available at select Cafe Coffee Day outlets in the city.)

More details at

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