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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shor Bazaar @ Celebrate Bandra festival - Nov 19th, Carter Road promenade

Hey y’all! After a period of intense procrastination due to the fear of outlash from right-wing extremist groups for the excessive usage of non-Marathi languages in a public speech/performance/swearing-in ceremony, after investing in multiple security upgrades ranging from a team of 22 Black Cat commandos, a crate of chappal-repellents from the U.S.A., and anti-anxiety drugs including newer generation benzodiazepines, Shor Bazaar is venturing to perform at the Carter Road promenade in Bandra, which is the social capital of Mumbai, which, in turn, is the economic capital of the nation, as part of the “Celebrate Bandra festival” alongside Xenabob.

It’s apparent that the guy who wrote this has forgotten the art of simplicity. We, at Shor Bazaar, apologize. What he meant was this.

Shor Bazaar Live! @ Celebrate Bandra Festival alongside Xenabob
Stage: Carter Road promenade, Bandra
Date: November 19th, 2009
Time: 7 pm onward

We would appreciate it if you would turn up and provided appropriate laughter/applause. We promise to show placards to help you decide on the appropriate amount of response for each moment.

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