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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A tour?

You know, sitting on our bums doesn't feel all that great. With monsoons flooding the roads and railway tracks in Mumbai, we are contemplating going to drier places. Like a desert or something. Maybe even performing there. Yeah, it's been a while since we did that.

Coming to the point, Shor Bazaar wants to know if there are gig-places which would like to host some ballsy music. So, if you know of any venue in your city where you think we can perform, just drop us an e-mail or something. If things work out, we promise to make sure that those who help us will get some benefits.*

What say ye?

(*Conditions subject to change. Read the offer document carefully and consult your lawyer and Momma before submission. Please note that meteorological factors and avian migrational routes could affect this offer. Applicants must be of legal age for drinking and consensual sex for their respective states or union territories. All of the aforementioned stipulations are to be taken with the utmost seriosity. Applicants must not lack the slightest trace of the absence of a sense of humour.)

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