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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shor tweets are here to stay

Shor Bazaar has decided to shed its taciturnity. Yes, we have recently gotten real and have started tweeting -- that too, like an overweight kiwi. If you too are fond of tweeting, please follow us at Shor Bazaar Twitter page.

If you ain't much of an ornithophile, you really ain't that old and still could become one. At Then go visit our Twitter page.

Or else, you could just use ole' fashioned FaceBook to keep up with us. Go visit our FB fan page and FB user group.

However, if you figure that blogs kill everything else, just stick around where you are -- at the Shor Bazaar blog.

Or you could unfurl your best Johnny Bravo imitation and call our moms and ask 'Whazzup hot momma?'

Choose wisely. Just take care not to miss out!

And we need you. Quite desperately. So...

(PS: We don't hang out too much on Orkut. But if you want us to, we're game.)

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