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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Umang - an experience

Today's gig at Umang 2008 was a mixed experience for us. The eventful evening started off with our esteemed former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam giving Umang a surprise visit. We were confused. The last time we had heard, he wasn't into too much of rock. He managed to leave the premises before the bands wreaked havoc (don't mistake the usage - musical havoc) on stage.

By the time we came up, the crowd were already enthralled to dizziness (or so it seemed) by Wehem and Prayaag. We didn't need to do too much really. And we didn't do much, either. We got about 30 odd minutes and during which we were requested by the young audience to abandon the more sombre numbers. For the songs that we did play though, we got a tremendous response from the crowd (despite de-tuned guitars, pretty ordinary mix and some other factors). We are very thankful for the same!

We would like to thank all of the organizers and volunteers of Umang who did a fantastic job of co-ordinating the event to perfection. It was simply amazing the way they handled us. We are honored. We would also like to thank those who attended the show and cheered for us. And lastly, thanks to all our friends and peers who gave us a wonderful critique which we are grateful for. We do look forward to performing on the NM stage in the future.

We'd like to leave you with a few amateurish images from the gig. Enjoy!

KD from Rock On! (Sumit Pillai) the movie was on Drums

Kirk Hammet... sorry, Joydeep Dasgupta on guitars

Jayajit Dash, wearing a Frank Zappa T-shirt on the microphone

The weird guy wearing the cool hat, on the bass

The masked axe-welder Robinman, on guitars

We could beat Pink Floyd, at least in photos - JD's psychedelia

The crowd really didn't get us. They tried dancing to pass the time


asha said...

we did get u!
luv rasili n mumbai was awesome.
u guys rock!!

The Doc said...

That's the best thing that I heard all morning. Thank you Asha. And thank you for bothering to drop comments. :)

You guys actually rocked!

Oxymoronic said...

Wow, That was good... Hope to catch u guys performing live sometime...

The Doc said...

@ Oxy: Thank you! We (I)'ll keep you informed!

Dolly said...

Why is the caption of ur blog "all your noise are belong to us" and not "all your noise belongs to us"?

The Doc said...

Dolly, it's our geeky sense of humor actually. Google up 'All our videos are blong to us'.

Raj said...

Hey Guys it was great to have you at Umang 2008.
The performance was really awesome and we enjoyed it a lot!
Again thanks a lot and it was great having you!!
Hope to see moo-re of you at Umang.
Reach for Moo-re...

Team Umang 2008

The Doc said...

Hey, we had fun too! ;)