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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Live @ NM's Umang

For your convenience, we have added a widget at the side-bar on the right (at the top) called - Gig Calendar. And the first entry says that we are going to headlining at NM College's UMANG 2008. We are scheduled to play on the 16th of August from 8.30 pm. Those of you who can make it, please do. We promise, you won't regret it!

You can keep yourself updated about our gigs, visits to our barber and everything else which is important at our MySpace page and FaceBook pages as well.

-- Update (14th of August, 2008) --

This ad for Umang came on Mumbai Mirror's August 15th edition.

(PS: Our guest list included Paris Hilton and she had confirmed her attending the gig. But since then, she has decided to run for President of the U. S. A. Hence, we are not sure about her being there. But we'll rope someone in! ;))


Aditya said...

FINALLY, an SB gig! woohoo!

The Doc said...

AD, I know. Even were are 'woohooing'!

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