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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The studio sessions update

It is hard to believe that it has been over a month since we entered the studio. Time did fly pass. We have had a wonderful time recording our album and we are happy to inform you that the mixes are getting ready and we are thankful to our wonderful engineer Chinmay Harshe who has managed to capture the essence of the band without totally going mad.

We are happy to announce a brand new Facebook group to supplement the Orkut community where you can keep a track on our whereabouts. Our MySpace page has also has undergone some changes recently.

Since we do not have anything else to muse about this moment, we decided to entertain you with some very shocking imagery from the studio. Enjoy them and do drop in your comments.

"We have a bad dress sense and this is one of the better outfits." - Robin on his Taylor


"Clowning around alleviates the pain; the Dhirubhai Ambani pose during the lean times." - Sumit


"A little self-possessed, and flamboyant but in the wrong way." - Dr. KK


"The battered and bruised guitar adds to the already overemphasized drama." - JD


"We are lazy and we like it this way. But not at the expense of... " - Joy


"He tried to control his frustration. But even his guitar gently wept." - Chinmay


"The marvellous Emprie Studio SSL console with the engineers at the helm" - Chinmay and Harshad


"This is as close as we could get to a band photo." - from L to R - Harshad (engineer), Nigel (Cellist), JD, Robin & Joy


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