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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Single and looking

You heard it right! Shor Bazaar is single and looking. Not just once, but thrice!
  • Sumit had to leave the band because of personal issues. It was a memorable year and half with him on board and we will miss him. But things move on. Currently, we are on the hunt for a drummer. Those of you who are interested, or those who know people who might be interested, give us a shout. Those who apply should keep in mind that they need to look as bad or even worse than the rest of the band. For reference, watch out for the upcoming photo post.
  • As you might know, we were signed on to Phat Phish. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as planned. A week or so back, we had a meeting with the record label officials and both parties decided to part ways. Although we didn't have to fight the British to be independent again, we are almost as upbeat and optimistic about our future as Gandhiji was, and would like to exercise our freedom by coming out with some new music. Read further, for clarity.
  • Quite honestly, we are tired of waiting for our yet unreleased debut album. It has been a long time (about a year, actually) since we visited the studios. Ergo, we have decided to start from scratch, almost. We are writing new material and are planning to record the songs. These songs will be released through the alma mater of music, the Internet. You will get to listen to them and on top of that, will get to download these songs! We are very excited about this. The first single (yes, one more reason why the title has the word) is in the process of being recorded. Watch this space for further details!

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