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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Shor-istory

People have often asked us how we came together and formed a band. No, our Dads weren't jazz pianists who inspired us to take music up as a career. Neither were we buddies from high school who dropped out after deciding to form a band. The fact is that we all are 'immigrants' to Mumbai and we are together thanks to a heavy dose of serendipity. Here's how.

The Shor-istory by The Doc

Sometime in 2006, JD, an IIT-Kharagpur Mechanical Engineering graduate who was working for ITC, he felt the urge to start writing music. He started on his own at first scribbling down lyrics over simple chord progressions on the guitar. His job led him all across India from Orissa to Gujarat to Chennai across cultures which gave him the inspiration to write more. Soon he felt the need to have company to expand his repertoire. Enter Joy.

He saw a ad posted on RSJ Online by Joy for musicians interested in forming a hindi band. At that time Joy was working for Mastek in Mumbai and JD was working at Silvasa. They decided to meet up at Joy's place in Mumbai. The next weekend saw Joy and JD jamming. Enter Robin.

Robin, the younger brother of Joy, a commerce student at NM College and a guitar-prodigy even at the young age of 17, joined them in their sessions. A couple of months of jamming over weekends led to nothing significant and they decided to call off their ambitious plans for building a band.

They took a year long hiatus and work led them further away than they already were. Thankfully, both of them got fed up with their lives and their mundane day jobs. Both got back in touch with each other and decide to take a sabbatical from their jobs to try and restart their original venture. This was sometime in September 2007. Both met again in our Alma Mater, the apartment of the Dasguptas in early December 2007. The name was also decided somewhere during this period. With lots of new songs added to their repertoire, they decided to look for bassists and drummers to complete the band. IIT-B’s Mood-I was around the corner and it seemed the perfect stage to start. Enter KK.

I, KK, was doing rather well in life whilst being in the final months of my surgical residency in Orthopaedics at KEM hospital in Mumbai. I already knew Robin via the acoustic band that we were part of called Cirkles. On the 9th of December, Robin called me over to his apartment to jam. I was introduced to JD and after pleasantries, JD and Robin jammed a couple of songs on the guitar. I was literally blown away by the music and JD’s vocals and I, despite my commitments, agreed to join the band as the bassist.

Together we streamlined a set-list of four songs for the competition. A couple of drummers were short-listed from the contacts that Robin had. We jammed with both of them. The result was nothing to write home about and a few days before Mood-I, we were still without a drummer. We were desperate. Enter Sumit.

Sumit, a gifted game designer working for India Games, is my childhood friend from Kerala where we started jamming a decade ago. Sumit was called in and just like me, he fell in love with JD’s beautiful songwriting and decided to try out as the drummer. A couple of jam sessions in the only operational jam pad in Mumbai and we became the present version of Shor Bazaar.

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