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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Coming up - the demo recordings!

We believe in innovation. We are almost like Hewlett Packard in that way. That's the reason why we are doing what phirangi bands are doing on their websites. Kanphuse zaala? Khabroo naaaka, tula sangto hai!

We are preparing some songs for putting in our upcoming breakthrough first album. We want the opinion of the Aam janta regarding which ones to keep and which ones to shelf.

Your opinion would hardly count, we can assure you that. But at least, the sense of involvement in the making of such an important event in Indian music history might just make your life look more promising.

We are lazy and we can't stick to our deadlines. Ergo, expect all these prophecies to come true in a few days.


sandeep said...

not the first time i would be doing that [:|]

aq said...


a said...
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